Karibu Cottage

Welcome to Karibu Cottage and Jamaica’s beautiful and secluded Southwest Seacoast, where the people are friendly, the beaches beautiful and the sunsets are spectacular.


consists of two properties: KARIBU COTTAGE and KARIBU II

KARIBU COTTAGE is a beautifully-designed two-story house that accommodates up to six adults so you will never feel like you’re a part of a horde.  Rather, your meals can be cooked to order and you can relax as you enjoy the solitude and peace of the Caribbean. KARIBU II is a two story cottage with an apartment on each floor. Each apartment consists of two bedrooms and a complete kitchen, dining/livingroom area, and porch. When rented by the room, all amentities are shared.

For information or reservations, contact:
Anika Johnson
U.S.A. 404-441-3033

Robert Johnson
U.S.A. 617-354-1719

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